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2013 - 2010 Reviews

11/25/2013: "Jesse Acosta and his crew arrived on time and ready to work. Jesse took his time and explained to me exactly what work was going to be done in great detail. He was very patient with me and he understood my needs. After new heater was installed Jesse and his crew vacuumed my home and left a clean and safe jobsite. Jesse showed me my new thermostat on the wall and walked me through the process of the instructions/directions on the paperwork attached to the owner’s manual. I would recommend Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning to any homeowner wanting to add, replace or upgrade their current system. I can now enjoy a nice warm house with my family during a cold winter season. Thank you Jesse! Description of work: INSTALLED HEATING UNIT" – Marcus C. – Ventura CA

10/7/2013: "While we did not select Acosta Heating & A/C for the job we were so impressed with Jesse, his thoroughness and professionalism that we wanted to write a review. Jesse spent fully 3 hours in our home looking at the equipment that needed replacing, taking room measurements to determine heating and cooling requirements, explaining various technical concepts to us in a very clear manner. The overall experience was very positive. The reason we chose a competitor was that they were very familiar with our model home. We would definitely consider utilizing Jesse's services in the future. Description of work: Jesse provided us a quote to replace our 2 furnaces and air conditioning units and the ductwork in the attic" – Glenn T. – Agoura CA

9/23/2013: "It was excellent! They were punctual, polite, and professional. Furthermore, they did a fantastic job with the installation and the ductwork and for a competitive price. What’s more is my neighbors have used their services, and they are just as happy. Description of work: They installed a three-stage heating and cooling system and replaced the ducting in my two-story 2,400-square foot home." – Douglas G. – Westlake Village CA

8/1/2013: "Initially left message on July 3rd, end of afternoon just before Independence day in the middle of a heat wave. Did not expect a call. Another quoted $400 to replace motor for AC. Description of work: Site visit by Ramon, technician, to diagnose why AC not working.  Replaced capacitor at $125.00 plus labor at $95.00." – Cat U. – San Jose CA

7/1/2013: "We now have cool air in the upstairs bedrooms during this awful heat spell. What a relief. I have used Jesse Acosta in the past for all my heating and A/C needs and several years ago he suggested we "rezone" the house when I was going to remodel. Well, we decided to remodel and I called Jesse to get the work started. It took about five days to get all the duct work installed throughout the house and move the equipment in the attic through a newly created crawl space. The final result is the rewarding feeling of cool air in the upstairs without freezing out the downstairs. The attention to detail is why I use Acosta and he did not let me down. Jesse and his crew did exactly what they said they would do and did a nice neat and clean job. Thanks Jesse. Description of work: Moved existing furnace and A/C unit out of my garage to the attic and rezoned the heating and A/C to separate the upstairs from the downstairs." – Patrick M. – Simi Valley CA

5/25/2013: "Ramon was on time for the estimate, and took a good hour going through the attic and then making his recommendations to us. He was polite, friendly and seemed extremely knowledgeable. The estimate came in a few hundred dollars higher than the one we got from another heating & AC company, and we decided to go with the lower price.  However, I would not hesitate to contact Acosta again if we had another job.  Seems like a great company. Description of work: Provided an estimate for replacing AC ducting." – Tom S. – Oak Park CA

5/6/2019: "We recently had to install a new heating and air unit in our 26 year old home. We got quotes from several different companies. The owner, Jesse Acosta came and did an evaluation and quote. He was the only one who did airflow measurements. Our old system never did work efficiently. He and his crew installed a dual zone energy efficient Trane system. Now the upstairs and downstairs are heated and or cooled evenly and in half the time it took out old unit. He and his crew were professional and neat. He was not the least expensive but the work he did was much more involved than the other companies who simply wanted to switch out our old unit and not address why the old system never worked well. Even the city inspectors were impressed with his work. I highly recommend him" - Robin P. - Thousand Oaks CA

5/02/2013: "It was a fabulous experience. Jesse arrived promptly. He was courteous and professional. Jesse explained the work which was being done and why. Everything was clean when finished." – Arthur G. E. – Thousand Oaks CA

12/27/2012: "We met with Jesse Acosta on Tuesday. He checked our system which had its last breath the weekend before. The system was old and extremely inefficient. Jesse measured the house and gave us several options to replace our heater. He gave us options to keep our current ducts as well as the 95% efficient system and an option to add A/C. Jesse left us brochures to review and no pressure what so ever. My wife and I reviewed the options and I made an appointment with Jesse to come back Wednesday. We reviewed everything again with Jesse. I asked him to explain the differences and he spent the time to explain. We chose the system and he made arrangements to begin on Friday. The asbestos removal company showed up right on time and within a few hours ducts and asbestos threat was gone. Saturday morning Jesse stopped by to remove the tape from the vents and also brought us portable heaters to keep us warm while the work was in progress. They worked all week installing the new system and all of the Acosta workers were very professional and easy to work with in fact our dog loved them all. The system was up and running by the weekend. We have had a couple minor repairs since the installation and again when I called they quickly responded and took care of it. I am so glad I found Acosta and will use them for all my heating and a/c services from now on." – Jeff B. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/14/2012: "Excellent." – Donald L. – Thousand Oaks CA

7/31/2012: "They were very good." – Rachelle E. – Thousand Oaks CA

5/03/2012: "He was prompt, courteous and professional. He made some good recommendations. He was not pushy about other work needed to be done." – Victor Z. – Ventura CA

10/31/2011: "Jesse is very professional and always on time. I really like how reliable he is. His workmanship is wonderful. I would certainly give him my strong recommendation." – Denny W. – Santa Rosa Valley CA

10/01/2011: "I am very disappointed with the visit that I had from Jesse from Acosta Heating and AC. If you need AC service, please do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. I was charged for an hour and a half of service for "advice" that could've been given in less than 15 minutes. I received information that was contradictory. (Apparently, my AC has a Freon leak. A leak that could be from a hole that is either in the coils or the walls. Jesse's explanation is that the hole could be so small that it would be nearly undetectable, yet...when he was detecting the pressure, it lost 2 psi in 15 minutes.) I am not a professional by any means, but even I don't see the rationale in that explanation. He stalled and gave me the same information repeatedly until I forced his services to stop. He then charged me $150 and basically said, "good luck". Seriously, save yourself the money and find another AC company." - Eddie P. – L.A. CA  

8/18/2011: "After we put in the new roof and we turned the air-conditioning on we could smell the new glue in the plywood and the reason for this was because there was hole in the air duct stream. We called Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning who said he could not touch it because there was asbestos in it. So I had to have the asbestos litigation team come out and remove all the asbestos from the old duct stream. The air-conditioning guy put in a new duct stream. It cost me $2000 to replace the duct stream. Acosta made all the arrangement to get rid of all the asbestos. This cost me $650. Probably a good thing because he told me to make sure that they do it for the right price. This made me think, and I don’t know if there is any truth to it but made me think that the prices could vary widely in that market depending on how much of the asbestos you think there is or how much they think there is. I don’t know maybe I am widely speculating about nothing that I know about. He got the price from these guys because apparently he has dealt with them before. He got a quote over the phone and they stuck to it. So I can hardly ask more than that. He was my hero for that. I know of some people who have really paid through the nose for asbestos litigation. About the price he has always been fair in the past. As for responsiveness he had to hustle up the asbestos guys too. He had to get them here when he needed them here and that was part of his doing too. We need to give him credit for that. I will use him in the future. If it is a major job like replacing the whole heating and air-conditioning system I would not just blindly do it, I would still get more than one bid. I am sure he is fair and I am sure he would do the right thing but it is just that I like to know that I am getting the best deal I can get. I don’t want to find out six months later that there was somebody else who would have done it for half as much and is of reliable reputation. Description of work: I used Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning to repair and replace a hole in the air conditioning duct stream." – John S. – Thousand Oaks CA

1/17/2011: "It went well. It was a large job with the unit needing to go on the roof where the previous unit was. This required everything from attic work to hiring a crane operator. Description of work: Determined a new heater/Ac unit was needed. Did a heat calculation to determine proper size. Adapted all fittings and updated all connections. Replaced old breaker switches. Provided temporary room heaters. Put on a new programmable thermostat. This is a guy who likes to do things properly.– Arthur G. E. – Thousand Oaks CA

12/19/2010: "Conejo Valley's BEST HVAC service Acosta Heating and Air is the BEST service out there. I had them do an entire air/heat system for our home. They were clean, courteous, on-time, on-budget. Also extremely knowledgeable about their industry. AND won't try to sell you things you don't need. Absolutely recommend them." - cj007 -

8/07/2010: "Owner was professional and knowledgeable. Installers were courteous and clean. Work was completed on schedule. System working well. Description of work: Complete HVAC replacement, including thermostat.– William D. – Thousand Oaks CA

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