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2015 - 2014 Reviews

10/23/2015: "The techs who did the installation were extremely neat and clean and polite. On a scale of 10, they rank 12. Please tell Ramon and Jose I appreciate them. Also, please tell Owner Jesse Acosta his service is excellent. Thank you." - Pat M. - Thousand Oaks CA

9/14/2015: "Acosta Heating and Air is the best. They thoroughly investigated our situation, identified the problem, and promptly set to work, even during the holidays. Not only did they finish in a timely manner, but they were also very conscientious about cleaning up. Everything was spotless, swept, and vacuum cleaned. We had new ducts, a top functioning furnace, and very merry holidays!" – Molly K. – Pacific Palisades CA 

7/22/2015: "I'd like to thank Jesse and his crew for coming to my A/C recovery so quickly. I spoke to Jesse on July 2nd, a Thursday night after 5 pm and he came by the next day, which was the July 4th holiday, he assessed my A/C problem in 10 minutes and explained my options. We chose to get a new system and he dropped off portable A/C units on Saturday July 4th, for me to use at no charge until my unit was installed. Ramon and Jose were professional, friendly and knowledgeable. All of my future A/C services will be with Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. Thanks so much for being an honest company I can trust!" – Veronica S. – Simi Valley CA

7/15/2015: "I had 4 different HVAC service companies look at my system and they all couldn't fix problem. Acosta troubleshoot my system in 45 mins replace a malfunctioning sensor and had it up a running. Jesse (the owner) was very professional and walked me through everything in detail. I never done a review before, but I was extremely satisfied with Acosta's services and highly recommend them! SIX STARS!!!" 

– Dave N. – Westlake Village CA

6/17/2015: "Jesse, the owner of Acosta, was very friendly, responsive, and professional from initial contact, the A/C proposal, and all the way through the job and final inspections with the city and state inspectors. I obtained quotes from 3 different contractors, and theirs was fair and competitive. The people that Jesse had on the job knew what they were doing and were very easy to work and communicate with. They were able to start about a week after I signed the proposal. The job took 2 days to complete, and they were willing to work on Saturday to get the job done. They left the job site clean and all debris was removed. Overall they did a great job and I am very happy - no complaints at all. Definitely an A+ contractor and job -- I wish there were more contractors like this. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to do business with them again. Description of work: Acosta Heating and AC installed a brand-new A/C unit. I didn't have any existing unit so they had to run the refrigerant lines, electrical, and condensation pipes to the outside of my house." – David G. – Santa Barbara CA

6/4/2015: "Hands down, the best HVAC contractor I have ever experienced. I live in Newbury Park and I just added an A/C system to my existing furnace and duct work. I interviewed 8 local vendors for the job. Although a few proved to be knowledgeable and came in with competitive pricing, Jessie Acosta was far better than the rest. His initial evaluation was extraordinarily thorough and his recommendations were backed up with clear and concise explanations for each that reflected my specific needs. Many of the fleet contractors are just trying to sell equipment and services without regard to what's best for a particular home. In contrast, Jessie tailored his approach to me and my needs. His team was talented and professional, and Jessie was on site making sure that every detail was addressed to perfection. His only concern was to provide a system within my budget that would give me maximum efficiency, quality and value. The work was meticulous, craftsmanship beyond expectations, job completed quickly and efficiently and my home was treated with respect and care. I can't say enough about Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. You'd be foolish to use anyone else." - Hal W. - Newbury Park CA

4/29/2015: "It's not often that you have a transaction with a business that proves to be basically perfect from start to finish. I called Acosta HVAC because I was looking for Trane HVAC products. Jesse Acosta, the owner arranged to see me the next day. Believe it or not he arrived on time with a smile and friendly greeting. I explained my problem and Jesse set to work. Around the house, into the attic, measuring each room for volume. He advised me he was calculating requirements for our residence. He inputted all the info into a Trane computer program and was back the next day with proposals. He was professional, not pushy and had the customer's interest in mind. Jesse's price was more than competitive and the following week his crew was on the job. Installation was complete in two days with the most advanced system available. Jesse has been back to our house several times including being present for the final inspection. I recommend Jesse Acosta to anyone looking for HVAC help. He is the best!! Description of work: Removed old heating and air conditioning system and installed complete new system." – John W. – Camarillo CA

4/29/2015: "Jesse removed a complete HVAC system and installed a new advanced system in two days. This experience was perfect from start to finish. Jesse is honest, friendly, competent, competitive with price and punctual. You won't be sorry you called Jesse. Pick up your phone!"  – Dennis W. – Camarillo CA

4/20/2015: "My heater broke down in the middle of a cold spell and Jesse came out right away to look at it. It turned out that I needed a new one, so he patiently went over all the options and checked the duct work. When his team came out to replace the heater, they were extremely professional and courteous, and they were neat and tidy. The process went smoothly and now my house is nice and toasty warm." – Mary-Ellen L. – Westlake Village CA

3/12/2015: "They should continue to do everything the same. They are fantastic. Jesse and Ramon are the best." – Debbie H. – Westlake Village CA

3/8/2015: "Overall Satisfaction: Very Satisfied 10" - Sandra F. - West Hills CA

11/24/2014: "Very satisfied with all aspects of the job. Very clean and professional. Description of work: Installed new attic heater - replace vents - adjust heating zones" – John U. – Newbury Park CA

9/22/2014: "During a recent heat wave our old AC compressor unit went out, and we called Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning to come out and take a look at it. They came out the same day, and gave us a couple alternatives to consider: to either replace our unit, or to refurbish our old one. Our old unit was over 12 years old, so even though refurbishing cost less it made the most sense to me to get the new unit installed. Jesse came out the next day - which was a Saturday - removed our old unit, and installed the new one. By mid-afternoon he had the system up & running and the house was nice & cool again. The new unit has been working great. It's quieter than my older unit, and has also reduced my electricity costs because it's running more efficiently. I was very satisfied with Acosta's service, and would certainly recommend them to my friends if they needed HVAC work done." – Ed M. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/14/2014: "Here's my experience with Acosta Heating and Air. My air conditioner was blowing but it was not cold. I called Acosta and the owner Jesse came over. He took a look and said it look as though the system was dirty and needed a good cleaning. He said he would take the entire heating unit out and clean the entire unit. He also said it would be around $600.00, but said he would work with me on the price. The next day he had 2 of his workers come over. They did not take the entire unit out, 1 guy just took off the cover on the coil and cleaned it, the other guy vacuumed the leaves out of the out door condenser. They worked for 1 and a half hours. Then for another half hour they just kind of milled around doing nothing to get the total job up to 2 hours. Then I got the bill...$638.00. I thought that was way too much to pay $150.00 per hour to have a guy vacuum leaves out of the condenser, plus they didn't even take the entire unit out to clean it. I paid the $638.00 for basically unskilled labor., and there was no working with me on the price. The next day I called the owner Jesse to complain about the situation. He offered me a $638.00 credit towards a new condenser which would only cost me $4900.00. Well I called around to some other a/c guys and got a brand new condenser installed for $1800.00 out the door. Jesse did refund me $100.00 for his mis diagnosis of me condenser. But I still ended up paying $538.00 to get the old unit cleaned which was taken out and replaced 2 days latter by the other company." – Tom R. – Newbury Park CA

8/12/2014: "I called these guys just for an Air Conditioner Service, I ask exactly what they do for service, being that our unit is new and we never had any problems, when the tech came out he told my wife the unit didn't work cause it is wired incorrectly, but he can fix it? My wife told the tech it works perfect, we only want a service done, new filter, check Freon & make sure there's no leaks in system ( that's what the owner says they are suppose to do for a service) So after my wife insisted our air condition has been working perfectly, they messed with the wiring anyway, and disconnected our all house fan, the owner never accepted responsibly for his Tech disconnecting the fan, he says "Somebody should have been home to show his tech what a all house fan is.. There's guys are a joke, After I told them I'm an electrician, & insisted to know exactly what was not correct with the wiring, they could not tell me!! Also very rude to my wife !! ACOSTA HEATING & AIR, SHAME ON YOU!!!" – Rene J. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/7/2014: "Jesse and his team are the best in town! He takes care of many of our family and friends and does an A+ job each and every time. He has amazing prices and most of all cares about the job he does. He goes above and beyond and his team are on time, clean and friendly. As a Stay at Home mom I feel safe having them here with my small children. From routine service, emergency calls and even to brand new units being installed Acosta is the BEST in town!!" - Bentley B. - Westlake Village CA

5/24/2014: "They did a very good job. I would use them again. Description of work: They did the heater in my attic. They changed out a defective heater for me. They also showed me vents that needed trading out - which they did." – Benjamin K. – Thousand Oaks CA

3/26/2014: "After learning from another company that my furnace was no longer safe to operate (being over 20 years old); I consulted with 3 companies and obtained bids. Acosta was very responsive and professional, and Jesse seemed very knowledgeable, experiences, and honest. He stayed in regular communication with me. I have already recommended Acosta to a family member. Description of work: Installed a new heating and air conditioning system." – Lisa C. – Thousand Oaks CA

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