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2017 - Reviews

11/28/2017: “I recently had my heating system replaced by Acosta Heating. I am so impressed with this company. The system was replaced in a timely manner and the crew were amazing. Jesse is a delight to work with. I would highly recommend Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning.” – Pat C. – Newbury Park CA

11/26/2017: “Acosta Heating and Air. Very happy with Jesse Acosta and his team. Installed entire new system this summer. Quick, responsive, team was very careful and respectful in our house. (805) 498-3939” – Craig B. – Westlake Village CA

11/24/2017: “Acosta installed Heating & AC last month, excellent service!” – Charlotte B. – Thousand Oaks CA

11/18/2017: "Facebook 5-Star Review" – Linda B. F. – Simi Valley CA

11/17/2017: "Facebook 5-Star Review" – Adela A. – Thousand Oaks CA    

11/08/2017: “Excellent. Everything went very smooth. Description of work: Replace HVAC – Adela A. – Thousand Oaks CA

11/04/2017: “Try Acosta Heating. Jesse is fantastic, has a great, reliable crew. We’ve used him nearly 12 years.” – Kathleen C. – Westlake Village CA 

10/31/2017: “Keep doing what you are already doing. Excellent customer service and explaining the situation/issue so one can understand. Thanks!” – Kimberly G. – Woodland Hills CA

10/30/2017: “I was highly impressed with Acosta - Jesse and his technicians. Keep doing what you are doing. My brother passed away and this unit was installed in his condo which just sold. I did not have a chance to use the equipment other than to turn it on. I am sure it’s running great.” – Lou Ann F. – Oxnard CA

10/25/2017: “Victor offered great service for AC and wine cooler repair work. Very friendly people, great service, and fair pricing. Will use them again for sure.” – Eric S. – Agoura Hills CA

10/21/2017: “I’ve been doing business with Jesse for more than twenty years. Very proficient and professional. Clean, friendly service.” – Martha D. – Thousand Oaks CA

10/14/2017: “Working with Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning was the best experience I have had in any company doing work on my house or car etc. Wish more companies were like Acosta. Just a great experience with such a large expense it really helped me feel good about my investment. Thank you Acosta.” – Glenn G. – Newbury Park CA

10/14/2017: "Facebook 5-Star Review" – Bob C. – Westlake Village CA

10/10/2017: “We used Acosta for duct replacement and furnace replacement. They were excellent. The city inspector said he loved when people used them because he always knew the job was done perfectly. If we ever get air conditioning put in that's who we will use again.” – Linda L. – Thousand Oaks CA

10/02/2017: “Very happy with their work.” – Ray S. – Thousand Oaks CA

9/20/2017: “I highly recommend Acosta, they replaced all my duct work when I moved into my new home. Did not sell me anything I didn't need and are very professional.” – Scott & Laura H. – Thousand Oaks CA

9/18/2017: “Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning has done my air conditioning at my home and my parents, also, our family's two businesses... Prompt and fair prices... Jesse is the best. I've used some of the others before Jesse, and Jesse has been fabulous. Give him a chance and a call at (805) 498-3939.” – Kerry J. N. – Thousand Oaks CA

9/16/2017: “You won't find a better company than Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. Professional and courteous workers. Jesse is a pleasure to work with and explains everything. What a pleasure to have them install our hvac! Thanks Jesse!!” – Wendy B. W. – Oak Park CA 

8/28/2017: “I just want to say if I could give more stars, I would! I had a 34-year-old system that finally broke down, right in the middle of a heat wave in the San Fernando valley! I got a recommendation from a friend about Acosta. Jesse was very professional and knowledgeable. He explained everything in detail and was able to give us some options. He was very easy to talk to and we were put at ease with his recommendations. His crew came out, Jose and Victor, were absolutely the best! They had a lot of knowledge too. Their work was excellent and they made sure everything was perfect. They did an incredible job with the duct work too. I'm just sorry it was so hot. My hats off to them. I would highly recommend them. Anyone who needs A/C work done, don't hesitate to call Acosta HVAC.” – Paul S. – Winnetka CA

8/24/2017: “Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning replaced our entire A/C system a few weeks back. They were absolutely wonderful all the way through the process. Once the work is done, they scheduled the inspection with the City as well, and kept us informed every step of the way. Jesse Acosta, Nancy (in the office) and the rest of his crew are extremely professional and knowledgeable - HIGHLY recommend!!” – Sue O. – Thousand Oaks CA 

8/21/2017: “Jesse is high professional and knowledgeable. He did absolutely excellent job troubleshooting and fixing my air conditioner. His prices are very compatible. Do not hesitate - hire this company, you will not regret!” – Irene G. – Newbury Park CA

8/16/2017: “Jesse is the real deal, great professional, and he was making sure my home would get just what we need. It works really well. We should have done it sooner. The technicians were really clean and knowledgeable. They left our home spotless. I will recommend Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning every chance I get...Thanks Jesse” – Tim R. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/15/2017: “Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning - local Newbury Park company in business since 1998. (805) 498-3939 Ask for Jesse - I highly recommend them.” – Scott L. – Newbury Park CA

8/12/2017: “Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning put my unit in about 17 years ago and service regularly. Referred him to my neighbor a few years back and they were thrilled with him. They had been told they needed a whole new A/C but when Jesse came, he talked them out of it and repaired it instead. Who does that anymore?” – Theresa V. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/10/2017: “Great experienced, knowledgeable staff, great attitudes, fairly priced.” – Colin K. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/10/2017: “Acosta has recently replaced our old filter with a new one to remove the allergens that were plaguing us. We learned our old filters were not working after Acosta fully cleaned the system at the start of the season. We even used Acosta in the past to have a house inspected that we were thinking of buying. Jesse saved us from making a mistake when he said, "Don't do it." Thank you!” – Jay W. – Westlake Village CA

8/04/2017: “Acosta  Heating and Air. Jesse is honest, reliable, quick to respond, and competitive in pricing.” – A neighbor – Newbury Park CA

8/01/2017: “Assuming you are talking about a central unit and not a window unit, we recently used Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning Jesse Acosta (805) 498-3939 He did major repair work on our HVAC and was extremely professional and the cost was fair. He was recommended to us by other professionals in WLV. We strongly recommend him. Good luck.” – Bill V. – Westlake Village CA

> “I called Jesse during a period of extreme heat when I'm sure his phone was ringing off the hook. He came out within 24 hours and reviewed my situation which was dire! I can't move on the replacement right now but his courtesy and professionalism have won me over. When I'm able to move on the replacement, Jesse will be my only call.” – Nikki O. – Thousand Oaks CA

“Acosta Heating  Air Conditioning in Newbury Park. Very good and professional.” – Carole C. – Thousand Oaks CA

7/24/2017: “Acosta is the best!” – Ted H. – Thousand Oaks CA

7/23/2017: “We recently purchased a condo and the previous owner had used Acosta for their HVAC servicing. I made an appointment to come out and service our air conditioning unit as well as a small repair recommended by the House Inspection Company. The Acosta technician arrived on time and put on coverings over his boots without my having to ask him. He then proceeded to check the system out and importantly explained what he was doing and what he found. I was comfortable with his approach and their charges were a pleasant surprise. I will use them in the future.” – Walter M. – Los Angeles CA

7/23/2017: “I purchased a complete TRANE AC/Heating system from Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning 6 years ago and my experience was commendable. Good people to work with, and are there when you need help or service. Jesse takes a personal interest in all business and his team can be counted on when you need them.” – Robert L. - Westlake Village CA

7/22/2017: “I recommend Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning.” – Ann H. – Thousand Oaks CA

7/12/2017: “I called Acosta and they are scheduled to come by this afternoon. Thank you!!” – Soaz J. – Thousand Oaks CA

7/06/2017: “Jesse is a good man! 👍” – A. A. - Westlake Village CA

7/02/2017: “We use Jesse Acosta at Acosta Heating & Air. He is a small independent company that offers great pricing and great service. Give him a call and let them know that I referred you. He will give you a good deal and great service. He knows his stuff and has been doing it for many years.” – Mark M. – Simi Valley CA

6/30/2017: “We used Acosta to replace our entire unit. They're great!!” – Ellen R. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/29/2017: “Give Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning a call...” – Kerry J. N. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/28/2017: “HVAC company – Acosta. I just wanted to thank all the neighbors who recommended Acosta. They were fantastic! We replaced our AC, ducts, and furnace which were all original to when our house was built in the mid 90's. They did it all in 3 days! All the workers were professional, timely, and helpful. The owner, Jesse, is so easy to work with. He looked over everything, measured each room, and really did his homework to come up with the best system for what we were willing to spend. He is very knowledgeable and he's not just a middleman sales guy who just shows up with a binder to show you your options after briefly spending 5 minutes in the attic. With the weather heating up, we are so grateful for Acosta and their service.” – Pauline B. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/23/2017: “They are the greatest! Very quick, very thorough and very polite.” – Bob W. – Westlake Village CA

6/15/2017: “Jesse and all his staff are GREAT!!!” – Diane M. – Newbury Park CA

6/14/2017: “They should keep on doing exactly what they are currently doing! We have never worked with a better company, across the board. They are professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with.” – Valerie P. – Thousand Oaks

5/11/2017: "Your Techs are amazing, keep up the great work!" – Rich M. – Camarillo CA

5/06/2017: “Outstanding. I needed to replace two air conditioning systems. I interviewed several companies and Jesse was by far the smartest and most knowledgeable. He was careful to match the system with my square footage while others tried to sell me larger systems. He added one vent and added a baffle to another vent, balancing and improving the airflow. He is honest and extremely professional. His team is also very professional. They are thorough and don't take shortcuts. They told me that Jesse instructs them to always do the right thing. They were polite, efficient and left everything clean. All work was completed on time. Jesse handled the permits, and had the new ducting certified. One unit arrived with a manufacturing defect and Jesse diagnosed the problem and swapped it out immediately. He is a designated specialist by Trane and according to my contacts Trane has the toughest education requirements in the industry. The systems run beautifully. I highly recommend Jesse for any project.” – Sue S. – Oak Park CA

4/27/2017:"Great service. Both office support and tech were great." – Patrick K –
Thousand Oaks CA

4/26/2017: “Wonderful service. I have used them many times!” – Sherry S. – Thousand Oaks CA

4/25/2017: “Hiring pleasant technicians that know their work. The fellow this morning was super nice, arrived exactly on time, was quick and efficient. I like Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning and have recommended them before to several people. Jesse is easy to get a hold of - he KNOWS his business so it's easy to refer him with confidence.” – Andrea A – Westlake Village CA

4/19/2017: “Our entire family has used Acosta for years & years. Always top notch. Replaced whole system & asbestos removal. Permits, everything. Yearly maintenance. Great!!” – Susan R. – Thousand Oaks CA

4/13/2017: “Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning... Jesse is the best. Used him at my home, my father's home and 2 businesses. He's a local guy that's been in business for years.” – Kerry J. N. – Thousand Oaks CA

4/12/2017: “Jesse Acosta is the best!” – Ann H. – Thousand Oaks CA

4/11/2017: “What exceptional service. I had a brand new a/c system installed with totally new duck work. The experience from getting a quote to completion of installation was nothing but excellent. Thank you Jesse and your crew for a great job. Highly recommend!!!” – Grace V. – Thousand Oaks CA

4/10/2017: “The total experience from getting a quote to the completion of a brand new a/c installation (including new duck work), was truly exceptional!! What a terrific team. Thank you for a great job. Would highly recommend!!” – Grace V. – Westlake Village CA

4/05/2017: “You can't go wrong with Jesse Acosta and his guys.” – Josh H. – Thousand Oaks CA

4/02/2017: “Acosta Jesse is the BEST!” – Diane M. – Thousand Oaks CA

3/31/2017: “Another vote for Jesse Acosta, Acosta HVAC. He's local too, just a few blocks from our Old Boney area. Did an amazing job at our house last fall.” – Scott L. – Thousand Oaks CA

3/30/2017: “Try Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. Jesse is a real nice guy. (805) 498-3939.” – Barbara S. – Thousand Oaks CA

3/29/2017: “@HVACAcosta @AcostaHVAC The best HVAC company.” – Teri P. – Thousand Oaks CA

3/25/2017: “Acosta is really good has done many jobs for me, I would call him.” – Jon N. – Thousand Oaks CA

3/24/2017: "Excellent customer service, honesty & trustworthiness.” – Diane L. – Agoura Hills CA

3/23/2017:“Jesse is simply the air conditioner whisperer...! He and his team take care of your home, and implement your vision exactly as agreed. They go above and beyond. How they do anything is how they do everything. Jesse has a customer for life and I am happy to share what a class act he is...” – Christopher B. – Simi Valley CA

3/22/2017: “What we really liked were the suggestions that Jesse made to solve outstanding problems. He also suggested things he could do to make the system work even better. He did them at no extra charge. The crew was very professional, friendly and helpful. The quality and detail of the work was excellent. Continue to show your customers how much you care about each and every one of them, like you did for us. We had never met a contractor that exceeded our expectations to the point that we were blown away, until we met Jesse and his crew.” – Gary M. – Simi Valley CA

3/22/2017: Jesse Acosta, owner of Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. He's excellent, competent and you'll be glad you called him.” – Teri P. – Westlake Village CA

3/21/2017: “Acosta was friendly, professional and quick. They came out gave an estimate and scheduled an appointment for the work, arrived on time and fixed my heater in a timely fashion. Pricing was fair too. Problem solved right before the cold front hit! Thank you!” – Renee V. – Thousand Oaks CA

3/08/2017: “We loved the service we received from Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. They were always on time, finished the job in two days and gave superb service!!! We had our heating system replaced and installed air conditioning. Within 1 week we got an estimate from the owner Jesse and a few days later installation happened. We couldn't be happier!! We love our new air conditioning and so thankful we found Acosta!! So easy to deal with and very professional service! Thank you!!!!” – Sheri B. – Newbury Park CA

3/07/2017: “Acosta heating and air was timely and efficient and reasonably priced. Workers were clean and polite. Thank you!” – Renee V. – Thousand Oaks CA

3/05/2017: “I have had a great experience with Acosta Heating & Air! They do quality work, follow up with maintenance and every employee is great. I would recommend them to all and have already.” – Pat & John S. – Newbury Park CA

2/28/2017: “We were just starting our kitchen remodel in the middle of December and initially just wanted to relocate several heating ducts. Since the furnace was being used every day, we had some concerns about how long we would have to go without heat. Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning gave us several options for doing this including replacing our 40-year-old furnace and all of the duct work in the house. Because of the age of our furnace, we chose this option despite our concern about being in a cold house for multiple nights. They did a fantastic job. Two crews were devoted to the project – completing the work in just two days. We were without heat for only one night. In addition to the existing vents, three more were added in the bathrooms at no charge beyond the original estimate. The two crews were very friendly, well trained, and did an excellent job. The furnace has been working great and passed the mandatory HERS test and city inspection with no problems. We were completely satisfied and will strongly recommend Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning to friends for work on their home heating systems.” – Robert & Janet A. – Thousand Oaks CA

2/27/2017: “We were very pleased with Acosta Heating and Air. We were able to get a technician the next day. Our Technician, Ramon, arrived on time, quickly found the problem and explained our options. We would certainly use Acosta again.” – James B. – Thousand Oaks CA

2/24/2017: “Acosta heating and air first came to my place when my air conditioner was on the fritz. Jesse spent the time to find a way to make it work even though the numbers and words on the main part were unreadable. He brought it back to working condition and I was so relieved in not having to invest in a new unit like many of my neighbors in the complex recently had! I've followed up with maintenance calls yearly and the unit is still working great. Acosta heating and air is the kind of business I like to support because they are honest, local, and seem to really care.” – Rebecca P. – Thousand Oaks CA

2/24/2017: “Great Service. The Tech showed up on time the next day. Found the problem and advised me of my options. Great job.” – James B. – Thousand Oaks CA

2/23/2017: “Just keep up the good and professional work and give Nancy and Ramon the credit they deserve for their skills.”  - Steve B – Camarillo CA

2/17/2017: “Wonderful service. Efficient and clean” – Cristina H. – Calabasas CA

2/17/2017: “Acosta replaced our entire system. They performed what was agreed to and did the work fast, clean and to industry standards.” – Curt B. – Agoura Hills CA

2/12/2017: “The project was priced in line. Work was clean and fast. I was kept informed as the project progressed.” – Linda B. – Agoura Hills CA

2/10/2017: “It’s so hard these days to find people who say what they mean and do what they say. Jesse explained our options, helped us get to the right choice, scheduled, installed and did everything he said he would. Its not just that our new heating and air conditioning works great, the entire process went exactly as he said it would. This stuff is expensive and its nice to work with someone you can trust.” – Chuck & Alisa S. – Newbury Park CA

2/09/2017: “Fantastic in every way. Jesse and his crew are fast, hardworking, and reasonably priced.” – Paul Z. – Oxnard CA

2/08/2017: “I have the BEST HVAC company and guy in T.O. It’s Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning and all my neighbors use him too. Reliable, fair priced, and quality work. He’s set me up with an unbelievable efficient system that has saved me lots of money.” - Glenn S. – Thousand Oaks CA

2/01/2017: “Jesse provided professional service and got our heater running in no time. He knew exactly what was broken, had the parts needed to complete the repair, and he explained what we could do on our part to keep the furnace running well. His knowledge and friendly demeanor will keep us coming back. Thank you!” – Charlie H. – Santa Paula CA

1/30/2017: “Super fast response times and professional results would definitely recommend going with Jesse At Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning.” – Casey C. – Ventura CA

1/27/2017: “Jesse Acosta - Acosta HVAC. Highly recommended. Jessie lives in the neighborhood, he runs a small family business, experienced, knowledgeable, honest, efficient, fair, and he won't try to sell you something you don't need - like the larger "fleet" companies. (805) 498-3939.– Hal W. – Newbury Park CA

1/18/2017: "Google + 5-Star Review" – Brian B. – Newbury Park CA

1/18/2017: “The Acosta heating company did a great job in completely rebuilding our air and heating system, fixing a number of issues left by the original builders. They installed a dual level system that works great. Jesse and Ramon have always been easy to work with, quickly respond to calls and as we had one small problem, quickly came back to make the adjustments. We are very satisfied with their work and would recommend.” – Robin P. – Thousand Oaks CA

1/18/2017: “Roy told me how incredibly helpful your crew was to him today, and I just want to let you know how thankful and appreciative we are! Going through a major house renovation like this is a huge undertaking, and you run into all kinds of people, and many just do the bare minimum, leaving us to pick up all the pieces to get it right. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to be working with you, and your team, people who actually CARE, to help us get through this. With Appreciation!” – Donna H. – Westlake Village CA

1/17/2017: “Fast friendly service and reliable. Good follow up and advice on what needs to be repaired. I have rental property and having a great HVAC team is important for tenant satisfaction. Call Acosta Heating and Air for your next service. You will not be disappointed.”  – Jeff W. – Oak Park CA

1/17/2017: “This was the best experience. I would recommend Acosta heating and air. He is a true craftsman.” – Cameron G. – Thousand Oaks CA

1/13/2017: “Jesse Acosta was recommended to us by our real estate agent and he evaluated the 3 HVAC units for our prospective home. His notes were thorough and thoughtful and with 3 potentially expensive HVAC units to consider - contributed to the decision-making process for the purchase of our home. Acosta later did the work that was recommended - during the renovation of our new home - and even came at a late notice when an unexpected part failed - but was needed emergently (and was willing to help us work with the home warranty company for compensation). Each work area was left cleaner than when the work was started and Acosta even fixed the hot water heater pan that was bent, just to be kind. Jesse is smart, honest, fair, and very laid back. It's important for our family to feel safe when service is done at our home and we feel lucky to have Acosta helping us take care of our HVAC system.” – Roy & Donna H. – Westlake Village CA

1/11/2017: “Great service and very competitive, I would definitely use again and refer on, thanks a lot Jesse.” – Paul P. – Westlake Village CA

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