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2019 Reviews

11/20/2019: "Acosta is the best. They do all my HVAC work." – Kelly H. – Westlake Village CA

11/18/2019: "Fabulous air conditioning and heating company and the only one I would trust. The owner Jesse is very knowledgeable and helped us with some alternatives for our air conditioning system. The other companies I called in wanted thousands of dollars to upgrade. He is honest and fair and I highly recommend them." – Paula B. – Westlake Village CA

11/14/2019: "Your team was fantastic. The city inspector said he has never seen a nicer system in a unit like ours."  – Buzz C. – Agoura hills CA

10/29/2019: "I have lived in Wood Ranch for over 25 years, and have used Jesse and his team at Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning the entire time. He replaced my air-conditioning unit and continues to maintain my furnace, AC, and Water Heater. Recently he installed several Fans in my bathroom, a dehumidifier, and my thermostat, all installed expertly. Additionally, you will enjoy talking to not only a professional, but also a very nice person who will listen to your needs, offer you a very fair price, and install the necessary equipment. Highly recommend you call Jesse and tell him I sent you! Thank you." – Amelia L. – Simi Valley CA

10/22/2019: "Google My Business 5-Star Review" – Manuel B. – Newbury Park CA

10/17/2019: "They came when they said they would. They were thorough, competent, and friendly. The price was unbeatable." – Alfonso C. – Thousand Oaks CA

10/10/2019: "Jesse and his people are very good at what they do and pricing is fair." – Tex W. – Westlake Village CA

10/2/2019: "Google My Business 5-Star Review" – Miles K. – Agoura Hills CA

9/29/2019: "In three words: Honest, professional and expert. I had an amazing experience dealing with Jesse after getting other quotes from other companies. It wasn't the price I was after, it's more about feeling comfortable dealing with the right person to diagnose the issues I had and fix them. Thank you Jesse for your help and thank you for taking care of my friend Doug, he was very happy with my referral and very satisfied with the work you did for him. Definitely will recommend my friends and family." – Steve A. – Woodland Hills CA

9/22/2019: "Google My Business 5-Star Review" – Terry M. – Westlake Village CA

9/9/2019: "Highly recommend Jesse Acosta. He is extremely knowledgeable and reasonable." – Marvin C. – Thousand Oaks CA

9/8/2019: "Definitely call Jesse the owner of Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning!!" – Leah H. – Thousand Oaks CA

9/7/2019: "Jesse or one of his workers can always be reached for help with a maintenance question or help. When they first did the install of our heating and air conditioning unit, Jesse's employees showed up on time and in clean clothes. They worked very hard for 3 days straight going back and forth into our very hot attic. They did a great job and anytime we need help, someone is always available. Wonderful work ethics." – John L. – Oak Park CA

9/4/2019: "Definitely call Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. Jesse is the owner and the best!!" – Leah H. – Thousand Oaks CA

9/3/2019: "Jesse Acosta! Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning" – Stacey R. – Thousand Oaks CA

9/3/2019: "Jesse Acosta – (805) 498-3939 - He did all of our heating and air when we remodeled nearly nine years ago - so pleasant to work with and reasonably priced - HIGHLY recommend!!" – Judi I. – Westlake Village CA

9/2/2019: "Absolutely! Jesse Acosta and his team are the best!" – Steven S. – Westlake Village CA

8/23/2019: "I was pleased with Acosta heating and Air Conditioning, in Newbury Park." – Alice S. – Westlake Village CA

8/22/2019: "Jesse Acosta with Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning." – Leah H. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/22/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. Jesse is local and does great work!" – Sharon C. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/18/2019: "ACOSTA Heating and Air Conditioning did ours (805) 498-3939 The most courteous and professional people I have met in a long time!" – Ilmar V. – Newbury Park CA

8/17/2019: "I have the best A/C guy. Acosta Heating and Air. Jesse is the owner and very honest and reasonable. I just had my air fixed last week. I had a leak in my Freon. They are a smaller company and very knowledgeable. Tell them Rene referred you. (805) 498-3939" – Rene S. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/15/2019: "I was thrilled with Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. They came out within two days (I was not an emergency), arriving within the time frame indicated. Ramon was personable and well versed in AC repair. He cleaned the coil, something I never knew about, and man, did it need it! We had fires very near us in November, I am wondering if soot got in. The AC works like a champ now. I will definitely continue using Acosta Heating and Air!" – Alice S. – Westlake Village CA

8/14/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning" – Kathleen E. – Simi Valley CA

8/13/2019: "Jesse, Ramon and Trevor did a wonderful job. They worked very efficient and clean. They took the time to explain me all the possibilities and let me choose without pressure. Scheduling was easy and super friendly done by Nancy and Yvette. I would recommend Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning to all my friends." – Dragos T. – Westlake Village CA

8/13/2019: "Jesse Acosta at Acosta heating and air. He’s the best!!!" – Leah H. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/13/2019: "Acosta...always!" – Kelly T. – Thousand Oaks CA

8/13/2019: "Thank you for serving my air conditioner and the new ducts. My energy bill went from $350 in a hot month to $109!!" – Deborah W. – Westlake Village CA

8/2/2019: "We have used Jesse Acosta and were very happy with the prompt service and fair price." – Stacey R. – Westlake Village CA

7/25/2019: "Thank you for installing our 2nd HVAC system! It’s nice having air conditioning again. Your staff is very professional, hardworking, friendly, and they do a great job! Thank you." – Ed & Karen D. – Newbury Park CA

7/18/2019: "Acosta heating and air conditioning." – Greg G. – Westlake Village CA

7/17/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. Jesse is wonderful to work with." – Paula B. – Westlake Village CA

7/16/2019: "Third vote for Acosta Heating and air conditioning. Jesse installed a whole new system in our house recently and it has been amazing. Very reasonable (we had 4 quotes) and really high quality work (inspectors were all very impressed). Highly highly recommend." – John J. – Westlake Village CA

7/16/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning is the Best...Very trustworthy!!!" – Julie P. – Westlake Village CA

7/15/2019: "Acosta Heating & Air Conditioning. The best in the area. Get Jesse to come out for a free estimate." - Bob R. - Westlake Village CA

7/14/2009: "Acosta Heating & Air/ Jesse Acosta 805-498-3939 In my opinion, second to none. He comes up with ideas for optimum heating and cooling efficiency. He did my house and my son's. Great job on both! BTW - always get at least three bids and ask questions." – Gary M. – Thousand Oaks CA

7/14/2019: "I can endorse Jesse Acosta, he has done some great work for me" – Zack F. – Thousand Oaks CA

7/13/2019: "Thanks definitely for your AC recommendation. Acosta Heating and AC was great and very helpful" – Susan & Alan J. – Thousand Oaks CA

7/12/2019: "5 star service" – Judi R. B. – Thousand Oaks CA

7/8/2019: "Google+ 5-Star Review" – Josie E. – Newbury Park CA

7/5/2019: "Google+ 5-Star Review" – Vonda S. – Wood Ranch CA

7/3/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning is fantastic! I've had Jesse come out a couple times to do A/C work for us and he's always been great. Extremely professional, courteous, timely and fair with pricing. I highly recommend Jesse and his team!" – Joth R. – Westlake Village CA

7/2/2019: "Google+ 4-Star Review. Left a voicemail never got s response." – Rod V. – Unknown CA

6/30/2019: "I have to agree with Acosta heating and air. They're honest, reliable and all around great people to deal with. You won't be sorry at all." – Kerry J. N. – Newbury Park CA

6/29/2019: "Acosta 100%" – Kelly T. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/26/2019: "Jesse Acosta is the best!" – Courtney B. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/25/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air!" – Rebecca S. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/25/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air, based on personal experience. Jesse and his team were on time, on budget and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended." – Timo M. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/25/2019: "I too suggest Acosta, super company." – Thelma W. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/24/2019: "Acosta 100%" – Kelly T. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/24/2019: "Acosta heating and air is fabulous." – Kerry N. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/24/2019: "Jesse Acosta did mine!" – Nina P. – Camarillo CA

6/23/2019: "Jesse Acosta - used him last year!!" – Harriet K. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/23/2019: "I've been using Jesse Acosta for years!!" – Gigi D. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/23/2019: "We used Acosta Heating and Air and they did a great job for us." – Robin P. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/21/2019: "Thank you to ACOSTA Heating and Air Conditioning for a fabulous job installing a new system for our upstairs. Very professional, courteous, and clean! It was a huge relief finding Jesse (owner) who came up with a great way to solve our cooling and heating problem for our upstairs in our tri-level Dutch Haven home. They completed the install in just four days and left everything very clean! Thanks to everyone there; you guys are great! Re: ACOSTA Heating and Air Conditioning (805) 498-3939" – Ilmar V. – Newbury Park CA

6/13/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning has installed an Air Conditioning Unit and has handled all of our HVAC needs including regular maintenance and replacement of any necessary parts for many years. We are extremely pleased with the quality of their work, dependability and responsiveness. We would definitely recommend them." – Terri S. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/13/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning! You won't be disappointed! Amazing!" – Mike M. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/12/2019: "Jesse Acosta did a great job for us. 805-498-3939" – Tex W. – Westlake Village CA

6/12/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning is GREAT!! Jesse Acosta is the owner and it's a family business. He comes once a year to maintain my air conditioner. 805-498-3939 I highly recommend!!!" – Gigi D. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/12/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air!! The BEST!! 805-498-3939" – Rebecca S. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/12/2019: "Another for Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning. Jesse is the owner. I personally experienced their skills at my house this past October, when they replaced my entire HVAC system, down to the ducts and new vents. Very very satisfied!" – Timo M. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/12/2019: "Jesse Acosta. Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning in Newbury Park. Very reliable and prompt." – Beverly C. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/7/2019: "Jesse Acosta was prompt to come out and give me a bid to replace my central air/heat/ducts. His price was very reasonable and the work was all done in 1 day! They covered areas to keep them dust free and even covered their shoes! I highly recommend them!" – Stacy R. – Thousand Oaks CA

6/1/2019: "We had Acosta Heating and cooking replace ours last summer and they were amazing! Had several quotes and they were priced best for best product and did a great job. Family owned and operated in Conejo Valley. Highly recommend!" – Shelly C. – Agoura Hills CA

5/31/2019: "I have used Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning for 20 years. Conejo Valley Air and Acosta are the only Trane certified repair folks in the Conejo Valley." – Ann W. – Thousand Oaks CA

5/17/2019: "Thx Jesse! Will mail you check tomorrow. Your guys are awesome. You’ve created a really great team!" – Paul W. H. – Westlake Village CA

5/16/2019: "Very happy with my A/C and furnace. The installation and service from Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning are top notch. I would definitely recommend them." – Charles R. – Thousand Oaks CA

5/14/2019: "Dependable, reputable, reasonable and talented. Been using Acosta for 20 years for our office building and rentals. No need to call anyone else." – Robert S. – Westlake Village CA

5/10/2019: "Excellent work. Thoughtful planning. Attention to detail." – Stephen K. – Sherman Oaks CA

4/27/2019: "Acosta installed air conditioning in my house. Best price, clear description of work, on time, clean installation." – Lee G. – Santa Rosa Valley CA

4/25/2019: "Excellent service! Technicians were professional, clean and very courteous." – Steve G. – Ventura CA

4/23/2019: "Google+ 1-Star Review." – Adrian M. – Unknown

4/22/2019: "Google+ 5-Star Review." – Lynn A. W. – Santa Monica CA

4/13/2019: "Google+ 5-Star Review." – Kathleen C. – Westlake Village CA

4/3/2019: "I had Acosta put in a new heater and air conditioner. Work was done quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend." – Richard R. – Newbury Park CA

4/1/2019: "Awesome service, fast, clean, honest." – Alex A. – Calabasas CA

3/29/2019: "Got the job done quickly with no problems. Looks and works great. New heater and a/c." – Randy R. – Thousand Oaks CA

3/12/2019: "Very competitive prices, best service techs. The owner, Jesse Acosta, has built this company from the ground up and is hands on. They show up when they say, they are professional, and get the job done efficiently. Couldn't be happier with our experience with Acosta Heating and Air. Highly recommend." – Dan G. – Northridge CA 

3/11/2019: "I am a licensed general contractor for over 45 years. I have dealt with more than my share of Mechanical contractors. Jesse Acosta of Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning could not have been more efficient, professional or knowledgeable. A real pleasure to have met. He is now on my Conejo Valley contractors’ "A" list." – David P. – Westlake Village CA

3/6/2019: "Jesse and his team made getting a new HVAC unit an easy, seamless experience. I recommend his whole team without reservation! The price was more than fair, and the whole process could not have been easier. I was so concerned about making such a big purchase, but everyone at Acosta Heating and Air knew what they were doing and did their job without even a hiccup. Workers showed up on time, left the home as clean as they found it, and now i have a new heater/compressor!!" – Debra T. – Calabasas CA

3/5/2019: "Google+ 5-Star Review." – Michael W. – Agoura Hills CA

3/4/2019: "Jesse and his team are the best!" – Mark A. – Los Angeles CA

2/22/2019: "Wow, what a positive experience! These guys are everything you want them to be - fast, honest, friendly, and reasonably priced. Jesse and team restored my heat when it went out during the recent cold snap and kept me reassured throughout the process with excellent communication. I am very pleased, and they are now my go-to for HVAC issues." – Zack F. – Thousand Oaks CA

2/19/2019: "Acosta heating and air conditioning were terrific. They showed up on time and completed the job when they said they would. Prices were fair and honest and they took the time to show me how to work my new thermostat. Thank you to Jesse and his crew for making my home safe and warm." – Deborah O. W. – Westlake Village CA

2/14/2019: "Acosta Heating & Air in Newbury Park. Super happy with the process, the install and the end results. Jesse Acosta is a great guy to deal with. They're at 805-498-3939." – Timo M. – Thousand Oaks CA 

2/13/2019: "Google+ 5-Star Review." – Regina M. – Thousand Oaks CA 

2/12/2019: "Jesse and his crew where professional, priced fair and completed the work timely. They showed up when they said they would and completed the work on time. My experience with Acosta Heating was excellent. Thank you." – Deborah W. – Westlake Village CA

2/11/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning installed our Trane furnace in December 2012, and have done maintenance on the unit since then. We have no complaints. They do a good job. They are also very honest. This past week (2/5/2019) they were here to replace obsolete or malfunctioning parts and I paid with a check where I wrote the wrong amount - in their favor. They caught the error and called me. That's good business practices in place." – Maria W. – Woodland Hills CA

2/11/2019: "Jesse Acosta !!!!!! ✅" – Ann H. – Thousand Oaks CA

2/10/2019: "Jesse Acosta from Acosta HVAC. I just used him and he was great. He also did neighbor’s house. Honest. Call him." – Greg G. – Westlake Village CA

2/9/2019: "Excellent service and very knowledgeable. Couldn’t ask for more professional technicians!!" – Jacqui M. – Santa Rosa Valley CA

2/7/2019: "Jesse and his team were amazing. He showed up when he said he would and completed the job on time. Asbestos removal was done with ease and he was there to oversee the asbestos removal company. He put in a new thermostat and they assisted me with set up. Thank you for your excellent service." – Deborah W. – Westlake Village CA

2/6/2019: "Jesse Acosta and his crew did a wonderful job on installing new vents in the attic and putting in a new heater and air conditioner. Jesse came up with ideas that the other companies that I interviewed never even thought of. He came over several times to make sure the job was done well and even crawled up in the attic himself to make the final adjustments. The price was good, and the house is nice and warm." – Jan C. – Thousand Oaks CA

2/4/2019: "had my furnace serviced today by Acosta Heating and Air. They originally installed the new system about one year ago. The professionalism, expertise and care they provided when doing the install and service is so rare these days. I highly recommend them." – Stephen E. – Thousand Oaks CA

2/3/2019: "Google+ 5-Star Review" – Amy & Arnold W. – Agoura Hills CA

2/2/2019: "We just replaced ours and used Acosta HVAC. Very very happy. They are clean, nice and reasonable and Jesse really knows his stuff. Highly recommend." – Greg G. – Westlake Village CA

2/1/2019: "I have had several AC heating contractors over to the house for several years and they were not able to fix the problem. Acosta came right on time and fixed the heater the first time out. It has been great since. Well done!" – Barry W. – Thousand Oaks CA

1/31/2019: "Jesse and Acosta Heating and Air have always performed excellent work for me and my family. They are honest, dependable and their fees are very reasonable. Great company and great people!" – Barry H. – Camarillo CA

1/30/2019: "The technician was timely, courteous, knowledgeable and clean. Wore booties in the house, cleaned up after himself and was well prepared for the services he provided. We purchased our Trane unit several years ago and Jesse and his team have keep it running well with annual servicing at a reasonable price. I’ve recommended Jesse to three of my neighbors and they all installed Trane heating and air conditioning units. So when you ask would I recommend Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning, I have and will continue to do so. Great crew, great service, give them a try, you will be satisfied." – Fred P. – Camarillo CA

1/25/2019: "Trevor was a very polite, clean technician. Let Jesse know he is still in my “list!”! Just kidding. Thank you for the prompt response for our maintenance. Happy New Year." – Fred P. – Camarillo CA

1/21/2019: "Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning is an exceptional business. I cannot express my gratitude enough for all they do. The team is professional and courteous each time I call. As of recent, I came home Sunday evening and noticed a red flashing alert on my thermostat. Immediately, thought it was something serious with my heater. I called Jesse, and within an hour got back to me and eased my mind. The next day, Jesse came to my house to reset the system, cleaned my filter without having to ask. Jesse, I am so very happy doing business with an A+++ company. I thank all of the staff at Acosta Heating and Air for taking care of my HVAC. This is a superior company..." – Lauren M. – Thousand Oaks CA

1/19/2019: "Highly recommend Jesse and Acosta HVAC. Fairly priced, great service. The personal touch Jesse provides is great. He shows up at the inception of the job and checks in on the progress. He set up a time to come by and made sure I understood everything s few days after installation. The workers were great as well. When they left the first day they left the house cleaner than when they got there. They showed up on time and worked hard all day. They were also super friendly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jesse to anyone. They do the little things that make experiences like this easy." – Greg G. – Thousand Oaks CA

1/11/2019: "Excellent work. Very satisfied. From the office staff - Nancy and Kerry, to the people who were working in my home - Ramon, Daniel, Elias, Luis, and Trevor - I could not have asked for better service done professionally, courteously, and on time." – Dave L. – Camarillo CA

1/2/2019: "Acosta HVAC is the best." – Kelly H. – Westlake Village CA


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