Refrigeration Wine Cellars

Wine Cellars Customization

We understand the importance of keeping your wine collection cool. We are aware there are many variables resulting from the customization of wine cellars, such as location, size, configuration, insulation, materials used, zones, in some cases specific cooling systems recommended by others, components, thermometers, thermostats, etc…

Whether we work with an architect, a builder, an interior designer or we start from scratch with a wish list from the customer, specifications from the architect, the interior designer or the builder, the result is always the same and that is an elegant cost effective solution.

With so many custom designs under our belt you can rest assured your specific wine storage design will meet the needs of either your home or your business.

Our team can create, design, conceptualize, render, engineer and build innovative custom single or double deep rack systems either straight or curved, cabinets, drawers, with or without light. We typically build with oak, clear alder or more exotic woods upon request. We can accommodate spaces of any shape and size, create arches, alcoves as well as your own custom ideas for all bottle sizes up to 9 liters, to implement your vision.

We build, operate, repair and
maintain to industry standards for temperature of 55 +/-3 degrees Fahrenheit, for humidity level throughout of 60% nominal +/-10% (50% to 70% range resulting from recycling the ambient moisture or with the addition of steam humidification to raise the moisture into the cellar), for light and vibration protection, and for noise.

Standard Operating Procedure for all our technicians is to thoroughly assess status, and make sure course of action is adequate and cost effective for our customers. We always suggest solutions which we would welcome for ourselves unless directed otherwise by the builder of the customer. Our systems are the best in the business, tailored to your specific cellar, reliable and quiet.

Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning is the go to company when it comes to residential and commercial refrigeration for your wine cellars and we are committed to providing the highest in customer satisfaction.

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