Preventative Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

Can you imagine owning a car that never gets a regular oil change or tire rotation? This seems like crazy idea! The same goes for your HVAC system that needs routine cleaning and maintenance, to ensure you system continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Failing to do so means that you are prone to a breakdown. Pre-season maintenance can avoid inconveniences and prepare your for the hottest and coldest days of  the year, while saving you money on your energy bill. 

Why is preventative maintenance important? 

A regular maintained system will continue to work effectively and efficiently. During a maintenance visit, our technician will be able to check for any failing parts or low refrigerant charge. No one likes to spend more money on repairs that could have been avoided and this is the primary reason to schedule regular maintenance. We want to make sure you not only save money but do not have to stress about emergency repair situations.

Does your cooling system have the proper refrigerant charge? Is your system communicating properly to the thermostat controls? Is your condenser fan operating properly? Is the heat exchange working? Are the wires all connected properly? These questions cannot be answered without a professional technician inspecting your system, to ensure problems are not arising. A little prevention can go a long way to saving you money.

The Acosta Club Membership

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Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc is your trusted local HVAC company. We will provide you with a detailed 25 point checklist and offer proper suggestions to  get you HVAC system working properly. 

  • Check the refrigerant charge including suction line pressure and liquid Line pressure.

  • Take the temperature difference across the coil including return air temp and supply air temp

  • Test the capacitors

  • Look at the contactor

  • Test the incoming line voltage

  • Inspect the wiring

  • Test the relays and switches

  • Test the pressure switches

  • Check primary drain line and blow if needed.

  • Check all motor amperages

  • Inspect the equipment disconnect

  • Remove leaves and debris

  • Rinse the condenser coils

  • Proper float switch operation (if applicable)

  • Calibrate the thermostat

  • Clean and/or check the gas burners

  • Clean the flame sensor

  • Check the blower motor amps and speed

  • Check for proper combustion

  • Make sure that the flue gasses are venting properly

  • Test all of the limit and roll out switches

  • Set manifold gas pressures

  • Inspect all of the wiring

  • Check the pilot safety thermocouple (electronic ignition)

  • Test the combustion fan motor and check amps

How often should I schedule routine maintenance? 

The answer to this question varies. Some things to consider are whether or not someone living in the home has seasonal allergies, are there animals, or do you regularly leave the window  or door open. However, here is a general suggestion for when to schedule. 

  • For a system that provides both cooling and heating: Spring and Fall

  • For a cooling system only: Before Summer or at least once a year

  • For a heating system only: Before Winter or at least once a year

Become an Acosta Club member today to ensure that you are scheduling regular maintenance on your system and take advantage of our member discounts. Our technicians will provide you with unparalleled service, expert diagnosis, sound solutions and the highest quality replacement equipment, parts, components and consumables. Call Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning now!

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