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Home Bar or Wine Cellar…or both?

It is great to have both, your own home bar and a wine cellar. The home bar can be integrated into contemporary open floor plan kitchen family rooms and can become yet another social gathering area when entertaining…however there is a misconception that a wine cellar itself could be a gathering area. Please allow me to differ since the ideal ambient temperature for ultimate wine conservation inside a wine cellar should be 55 degrees Fahrenheit maintained by wine refrigeration and the treasured wine collection should see as little light as possible, not even getting into the 60% moisture content which should be kept constant. So as one can imagine, living inside a wine cellar might not...

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Acosta Heating and Air Conditioning is located in Newbury Park, CA and offers its heating, cooling, indoor air quality services in Thousand Oaks and across Ventura, West Los Angeles and Southern Santa Barbara counties